Dr. Landa’s Mouthwash

MouthwashSafe your teaths against
periodontal disease and gingivitis

Periodontal disease mouthwash Dr.Landa is designed primarily  for treatment  of hard cases of gum inframmation and periodontal discase. Unique technology for the utilization of herbal substances and specific  method of mouthwash application differentiates this preparation from other dental products. Dr.Landa mouthwash is highly  effective for individuals with high risk of gum inflamation and periodontal disease.  


  • Effective against periodontal disease and gingivitis
  • Effective in stopping bleeding gums
  • Eliminates or reduces the looseness of teeth
  • Prevents further denuding of dental necks
  • Stops retreat of tooth bone bed
  • Prevents loss of teeth and implants
  • Removes the cause of odor from the mouth
  • Reduces periodontal grooves

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The results of practice


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Based on the CPITN index control results we can state that the significant effect of the mouthwash was manifested in 12 patients, i. e. 80 %. The remaining 3 patients showed only partial improvement according to the CPITN index. In these cases, the patients did not use the mouthwash regularly and in accordance with the instructions. Even with irregular or random use, a comparison of X-ray pictures of these patients shows noticeable improvements.

On average, the patients were using the mouthwash for 6.5 months, and each of them consumed ca. 2 packages.

Dr. Landa's Mouthwash

Why the Dr.Landa's Mouthwash

Dr.Landa's MouthwashDr. Landa is a Czech herbal mouthwash without any preservatives, which won an award for the best mouthwash, is recommended by doctors and its effects appear only within two days of application.

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Who is Dr.Landa?

Dr. Landa's MouthwashDr. Landa dedicated to phytotherapy research and herbal remedies for 20 years. In 2008 won the World Integrated Medicine Congress a gold medal for "Best Dental Product" in the field of holistic medicine.

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Ústní voda Dr. Landa

Gold Award for the Best Dental Product 2008 in the field of holistic medicine.